an instagram exploration into iconic horror and the traditional female roles of classic cinema

What do you remember from old classic sci-fi/horror films? And I’m not talking about Nightmare On Elm Street or Friday the 13th; I’m talking old - The Swamp Thing, Godzilla, The Blob, The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Birds, The Haunting - all these movies have laid the foundation for a genre that continually fights to reinterpret itself, usually failing in the process. As a kid, I remembered these films for two things: one, an over-exaggerated, often unrealistic monster, and two, a beautiful, perfectly manicured woman with larger than life reactions to everything, but especially to said monster.

Personally I’ve always hated the modern horror genre. It’s too dark. And I don’t like to admit publicly that I have a dark side. However, as I try to continually reinvent myself as an artist, I realize I am drawn to very dark themes. And growing up watching these movies, I sometimes long for the feeling these films evoked in me - almost a dark curiosity that was at the same time as innocent as the idyllic damsels portrayed in these films.

And while remakes of all these movies have been tried and failed, I have decided to reinvent them in my own way and maybe, in some way, bring back that nostalgic feel we have all grown to love from the original classics.

These photos are my most authentic attempts to reconcile film with the familiar. By transforming cinematic projections with iconic urban scenery (Boston, New York, etc), I hope to simultaneously induce a nostalgic familiarity with dark subject matters, and create a cognitive dissonance with the traditional roles women have played in cinema - a problematic, often undermining representation.

The purpose of these photos is to cause you to pause, and ask yourself “What is real, and what is not?” To give this effect, I use a multitude of really cool apps on my iPad, as well as meshing many photos into one scene that tell a story. This would not be possible without apps like ArtStudio, Snapseed, VSCOcam, Mextures, as well as my iPad, iPhone, and occasionally my Nikon D80.

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